Beverly Barre

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Beverly Barre Class

Beverly Barre is a low-impact, high-result exercise class that is truly designed for everyone! Each class will tone and tighten your body by engaging your core with a combination of yoga, pilates and strength-training movements. Beverly Barre is a welcoming place focused not on competition, but on self-improvement.

Cardio Barre

Don't be intimidated by the cardio in "cardio Barre". This is still a low impact class that combines the excercizes you love in Barre with some more fast paced cardio moves. This class is 25 minutes of low impact cardio followed by 25 minutes of barre. This is the perfect excercise to add a little extra calorie burn to your work out!

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a faster pace yoga class that incorporates free weights and strengthening movements. This class is taught at an elevated heat of 80 degrees for an additional sweat. You will leave this class feeling accomplished and rejuvenated.


Our yoga class teaches alignment and light heartedness in mind, bringing awareness to habitual movements and unnecessary tension. We take a playful approach because we understand how peak postures can be the source of great ecstasy as well as disheartened despair. Our classes can challenge the body as well as the mind’s attachment to what it perceives as necessary engagement.