Beverly Barre

About Us

What is Beverly Barre?
Beverly Barre is a low-impact, high-result exercise class that is truly designed for everyone! Each class will tone and tighten your body by engaging your core with a combination of yoga, pilates and strength-training movements. Are you intimidated by those lululemon-wearing, spin-class fanatics and crossfit contenders? We know the feeling! Beverly Barre is a welcoming place focused not on competition, but on self-improvement.


How did Beverly Barre come about?
Beverly Barre was founded by Carrie O'Donnell and Molly McGarry McAlinden, two Beverly gals who loved barre exercise and experienced its incredible results first-hand. With the goal of bringing the benefits of barre to all their favorite people in Beverly, Carrie and Molly became certified instructors in the "Exhale Core Fusion" methodology, the industry's leading training program. After the Beverly community gave Carrie and Molly so much, this was a way that they knew they could contribute something in return. Plus, this new "barre" on Western Ave. is just as much fun as the others, but it will leave you feeling much better the following morning! 

Who is Beverly Barre for?
Everyone. Whether you're a novice or a natural, an amateur or an athlete, you'll feel right at home here. This isn't a competition. This isn't ballet. This isn't a weight-loss bootcamp. This isn't yoga, pilates or an aerobic exercise class. What Beverly Barre is is an individual-oriented class focused on strength-training, muscle-lengthening, and self-improvement, open to beginners and non-beginners alike. All movements are low-impact and can be modified to match your personal fitness level. And don't be fooled by the "barre" - this is nothing like a ballet class. No grace or rhythm required! 

What do you wear to Beverly Barre?
No shirts, no socks, no service! You should wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, but socks are required. Barre classes are shoeless, but unlike yoga you don't need to worry about when you had that last pedicure! 

How often do I need to attend before I see results?
You will feel stronger after your first class! If you attend classes regularly, Beverly Barre will increase flexibility and improve your posture. If you come three days a week for six weeks, you will see real results in long, lean muscle development. Unlike the rest of the neighborhood bars, this one will actually improve your body and your balance! 

What does Barre have to offer a cardio junkie?
Love your treadmill and those high impact workouts? Then you really need Beverly Barre. After a few classes you will get stronger, you will feel faster, and you will increase your endurance. In addition, by developing those crucial support muscles, Beverly Barre can help prevent those nagging injuries that often plague athletes. Trust us, these classes will leave you feeling more challenged and invigorated than any treadmill or elliptical ever could. 

Can you do Beverly Barre when you are pregnant?
Yes! You can come to Beverly Barre classes as far into your pregnancy as you feel comfortable. We do require a note from your doctor clearing you for low-impact exercise. Since barre movements can be modified for each individual participant, your instructor will guide you through a class that meets your personal needs. 

How much is a class?  Are there package deals?
Classes are $15 and yes we do offer packages!  We offer 5 classes for $65 or 10 classes for $120.  Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for more deals and fun events!

How do I sign up?
Sign up here on our website, or feel free to drop in to check out a class.  We would love to see you at the Barre!